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Comfort zones

I’ve been thinking a lot about comfort zones this week — the zone of comfort, zone of learning and zone of panic.Comfort zone, learning zone, panic zone

The IoT (Internet of Things) class definitely has me in the learning zone. I realize I know more than I thought I knew and it just isn’t as bad as I thought. In fact it’s actually fun cause I work with a laid-back yet engaged team!

And yet when I started the class, I felt inauthentic and incompetent. What right did I have to be there? What did I know about IoT? What the heck was I even doing there as a learning designer.

What’s the antidote to these feelings that make it so hard to even bother try a class, a networking event, or apply for a new job? According to Andy Molinsky in his book Reach, one of the ways is to have a sense of conviction — a sense of purpose —  a belief that I can make a difference in the world.

That’s it, right? That’s what makes Silicon Valley thrive…the belief that I can make a difference, I can change the world. Or simply — I believe.

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