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Rani H. GillHello… I’m a learning architect. What is that exactly? Yes, I design and develop various types of learning, but more importantly I think about how to create the best space for “learning” — what’s the learner need, what’s the business need, what to build and why, which technologies and approaches achieve the desired outcomes, what’s the role of the “teacher” (be it a person or a technology) and how can we measure this “learning”?

I use my love of research and desire to understand how people learn in the flow of work to bring learning innovation to organizations. Learning and education are undergoing massive transformations and must adapt new technologies and mindsets to remain relevant.

Learning is about change. Change takes energy. What gives us energy? How do we recharge and learn to be playful and innovative in the complexity of a global world then shift to a calm focus to get the work done? It’s about doing. It’s about developing the confidence and competence to move our thoughts to actions. It’s about knowing not just how to do things, but what things to do — right here, right now, in this situation.

Education, and learning, are about acquiring knowledge, skills, and attitudes; being socialized to the culture of a profession, company or even a country; and becoming autonomous persons. Or as Gert Biesta succinctly puts it in The Beautiful Risk of Education, it’s about qualification, socialization and subjectification.

For details on my work background, see my LinkedIn profile.