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Rani H. GillHello… I’m a learning designer…using my love of design and desire to understand how the world works to help people learn and organizations change. I speak, manage, and design in three languages: technology, education and business. 

The views expressed in my blog are mine only and do not reflect the view of my employer — current or past.

I’m interested in…designing learning interventions that take into account the group and organizational systems at play. We all work and live in a context of human and technology systems — whether that is a system of two, ten, or 30,000 or a virtual classroom, eLearning, connected classroom or conference.

I started from a place of wanting to create compelling, technology-based learning experiences by understanding how the brain learns — whether that is visual storytelling or using games for learning, and make learning a heck of a lot more fun and engaging than it is now. My interest is in creating hi-fidelity educational experiences: technical fidelity, hi-quality content, and emotional fidelity. Where I ended up was organizational development (OD). We all live in human systems — making individual change is necessary but not sufficient for longer lasting change. So I changed my perspective and thinking on how to approach learning, and bring that background with me to the practice and discipline of OD.

Credentials… a MA in instructional technology from Columbia and experience working at a top-tier executive education consulting firm & a top-four accounting/consulting firm. I design. I manage. I understand human systems.

 About personal brand…a couple interviews

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