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Slidecast – Multimedia Principles

Happy Brains

Happy Brains

Last night I uploaded a slidecast of Learning Design for the Brain – Multimedia Learning Principles.

This is a deck that I’ve been working on for some time — I created it back in August to better understand all those rather confusing and repetitive multimedia principles. It’s rather technical and academic in nature, but I’m hoping it will be useful, if only for the checklists at the end.

You can view the slidecast at my portfolio page or at Also available is a Checklist (PDF download) of  multimedia principles – this is helpful when designing.

Some notes  on creating slidecasts:

  • if you’re doing this for the first time, use a short slide deck
  • creating a separate audio file and synching online via the slidecast feature takes time! it’s a Flash-based system – very cool and easy to use but a little slow and painful for large files
  • Slideshare does not export your animations – it flattens them. I realized this AFTER creating the audio. What a pain and workarounds to get that they way I imagined. Still not quite right.

So enjoy.

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  1. Dwayne Hodgson says

    Rani: I enjoyed this presentation a lot and found it helpful as I am providing some feedback on a client’s powerpoint slides (designed for distance education with Parks Canada staff across Canada). The concepts you articulated helped to name some of the problems I’m seeing with their design, and I will use them in my analysis. I hope it is okay that I have embedded the presentation on my own website @

  2. Rani H. Gill says

    Dwayne, thanks for the feedback, and am glad it was helpful. Sorry it took so long for this comment to appear – it got caught in the spam filter. Will have a look at your site when I have the chance. Totally fine that you embedded your presentation.


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